Month: January 2023

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Helsinki, Finland Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 3 Legislation: Categorized as a narcotic (not a hard one) since the sixties. a new law determains that Any attempt of growing,even attemptin to grow,owing pots! owning seeds,ligts ,is now illegal. Possession is illegal, possession of over 5 grammes is with intent to distribute, fines (60€ up) […]

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Medical: legal (but extremely limited) Recreational: illegal Finland has a mixed attitude to cannabis. Hemp was Finland’s main crop in the 18th and 19th centuries, but the 20th century brought prohibition to many countries, and Finland was no exception. It is now illegal to use or possess cannabis in Finland recreationally, and those charged end up on […]

Greens push for marijuana legalisation in Finland

Greens Chairperson Maria Ohisalo has previously said that possessing small quantities of the drug should not be punishable by law/Lehtikuva NEWS IN BRIEF PREVIOUS ARTICLEHelsinki metro, tram services to be suspended for two days due to driver strike NEXT ARTICLEWeek in pictures TOOLS PRINT TYPOGRAPHY MEDIUM DEFAULT READING MODE SHARE THIS   The Green League (Greens) […]